Friday, January 15, 2016

Toshinori Kondo's Electric Trumpet Solo

Today I have been to Toshinori Kondo's Electric Trumpet Solo gig at Cafe Beulmans in Tokyo.  Although I have listened to his music over 30 years, it was first time to listen to his live performance today.

Kondo started his career from free jazz and now achieved rather different music from free jazz.  He used programmed backing truck and played electrified trumpet with these backing trucks.  All music is made by himself.

For today's gig, Kondo played 2 Beatles songs, "Hey Jude" and "Yesterday".  He said recently he has started to play Beatles songs and today's performance was his first attempt to play Beatles songs on stage.  It was quite great moment!

Kondo said he programs his backing track by a hardware sequencer.  He never use PCs for making truck since he feels making music with his eyes when programming truck with PC.  He wants to make trucks with his ears, so he uses hardware sequencer.  It was very interesting thought!


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